Villas and houses for sale in Cannes Basse Californie


As the name implies this suburb, composed largely of villas and apartment buildings, with two very convenient and pleasant shopping areas within it, is situated on the lower slopes of the elegant and historic suburb of La Californie. It is less treed and leafy than La Californie and the property sizes tend to be smaller, but it has the distinct advantage to many of being closer to the centre of the city of Cannes and closer to the sea. One really does not need a car.

Basse Californie is a highly prized residential area of Cannes amongst locals and non-locals alike, for the multiple advantages of its easy access to town, its proximity to the beaches and the sea, and to the shopping Mecca which is the Rue d’Antibes, the famous and glitzy Croisette, and all the conveniences and pleasures that make Cannes what it is.

In Basse Californie you are walking distance to all amenities, and property is a little more affordable than it is in the sister suburb of La Californie.

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